The characteristics of the relative beast

posted on 18 Sep 2014 14:47 by humannati
It is a small beast is covered with hair whole body soft. Maximum species 50-76 cm length in Yabunousagi. Hair color length also color is also versatile Partly breeding. Color of the hair of many species, such as in brown, gray, black, white, brown, red, brown-spotted pattern is back, ventral surface pale white and brown.

The characteristics of the relative beast, the other auricle is large, and the like. I said that even in species that ear is not well developed, pinna ratio is large in comparison with taxa Mammalia other in lagomorphs within. So that the front of the ear is directed toward the wind and sound, can move the pinna. In addition, it will also be a help to regulate body temperature by applying the wind this large pinna visible capillaries show through

It is possible to ensure a wide field of view is at the top side of the head, the eye is suitable for the activities of twilight twilight or night. There is a crack vertically in the nose, it is possible to open and close the nostrils by moving to the top of the skin. Incisors developed, I continue to stretch a lifetime. It was positioned in the same rodent mice with a feature of the incisors once. However, classification eyes with a separate lagomorphs anything that wedge-shaped incisors on the back of the upper jaw incisors is now made​​. \ Tfrac {2 \ cdot 0 \ cdot 3 \ cdot 3} {1 \ cdot 0 \ cdot 3 \ cdot 3} (incisors, incisors, premolars, molars in turn, up and down the upper and lower jaws) and a total of dentition I have a tooth of 28 lines.

As has been classified as a fellow of the mouse once, a point that is different from the dog or cat is a carnivore in many cases, not paws on the back of the rabbit's foot, and a meat ball (however soft thick body hair is growing there is also a seed). Hind legs longer than the forelimbs, it is suitable to run jump. Five, four in the toe of the hind limbs, fingers forelimbs develop nail in finger toe. The whole body is rounded, the tail is short.

I inhabit semi-desert grasslands, snowy field, forest, and wetlands. Rabbit live in population by digging a complex burrows in the ground. Territoriality is relatively strong, claiming the territory it with the smell it by rubbing the scent gland of submandibular. Hare will not be living in a hole.