Hawk hunting ability

posted on 15 Sep 2014 03:45 by humannati
Take someone to the location of the roost and nest that seems to cultivate the ability to search for a prey, locate and footprints of prey for the purpose of hunting, prey is lurking in practice until leaving the lead at things, I equip "what you may be in a hunting ground" the. The important thing is that it does not unnecessarily scolded hound even if a mistake is when you walk the hunting ground at this time. Depending on the extent, but it can be entrained in hunting unless allowed to remember "that go on hunting ground is that fun" that is because becomes difficult.

Hawk hunting ability that has born hound is also important for this training, but the skills to find the "footprint of prey" Hunter itself is extremely important. Since the risk of training and difficulty of training is gradually increased, and when you walk the hunting ground, even if not in the hunting season in the parable indeed it becomes a bird that lives in the deep mountains such as copper pheasant and dangerous animals bear, etc. to pay sufficient vigilance is required.

With that I'll praise and should only be used to select a course that is easy to emerge, such as bamboo partridge and turtledove during the walk daily, hounds showed any reaction to the appearance of the bird, and Toriryo in the case of Toriryo I can develop the role consciousness that can be placed on. By using purchased from skill in live birds such as quail once, causing bitten by winding the barbed wire, and training that will make you remember "Do not bite strongly birds still alive" that is also done in some areas was, since doing such training notional animal welfare is difficult, it is necessary to devise their own in recent years.